Published - January 2006

By Dave Jakielo

It's Resolution Time Again

Here we are on the threshold of a brand new year and it's time once again for our annual ritual of crafting our New Year resolutions. How about if we try something different; let's decide on some resolutions we may actually have a shot at keeping beyond January 2nd!

Forget about resolving to lose the ten pounds we put on since December 25th and sure you'll quit biting your nails. Haven't these been on your list for the past ten years?

Below are some of my recommendations for resolution we may want to try to keep for the entire upcoming year:

PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: What better investment can we make than in ourselves? Today learning is easier than ever. There are volumes and volumes of books on any subject that may interest you. I just finished re-reading Jim Collins book, Good to Great, in which he gives numerous example of what made the best companies the best. We can apply those same principles to our daily lives. If you don't have time to read, you can always purchase the book on audio tape and listen as you drive, take you daily walk, etc.

CREATE A STOP-DOING LIST: Many of us have learned to keep a to-do list so we don't forget important task that must be completed. But we forget to create a stop-doing list. There are always more things for us to do than there are hours in the day, so instead of trying to achieve more and more, try dropping the unimportant things from your list.

STAY UNCONNECTED: It is amazing how in just one short decade we now feel obligated to allow people to have constant access to us. Since Fred Smith, founder of Fed Ex, convinced the world that it absolutely, positively had to be there overnight, we have been on a downward spiral for saving any, "us" time in our lives. Why is there such a desire for instant accessibility? Today we are inundated with faxes, e-mail, and the worst, cell phones. It's seems people can't drive unless they have a phone stuck to their ear. Is there a law that you can't walk through an airport unless you are talking on the phone? It's harder and harder to pick out the folks who talk to themselves versus the people with a wireless ear bud in their ear. Is all this communication really necessary? No wonder many of us feel stressed; we drop everything to answer the phone, only to add more stuff to our list of to do's.

BECOME A MENTOR: What if no one had taken the time to teach you life or business skills as you were maturing? Everyday share some of your knowledge with others and help them grow and obtain a broader base of skills. Given that most companies run lean and mean, it's harder for less experienced employees to gain knowledge. Everyone is so busy being busy, it leaves very little time for teaching others. Therefore, each and every one of us must take responsibility for passing our knowledge onto others. Ditch the "no-one-taught-me-so let-them-figure-it-out attitude and resolve to teach someone at least one new thing per day.

REGAIN YOUR CREATIVITY: Stay a kid forever. Why? Because kids are creative; they can have as much fun playing with the box a toy came in as they can have playing with the toy. When we are young everyone encourages us to do our own thing. We were praised no matter what we did. If we colored the sky green and a cow purple, no one cared-the picture still made top billing on the refrigerator. However, we hit first grade and the bubble bursts. At the ripe old age of six, you better conform: cows can only be black, brown, or white; the sky is never green, not even on St Patty's Day. So get with the program because the next 12 years you'll be taught to think like everyone who came before you and originality is strictly forbidden. Now that you're an adult, chuck the indoctrination and indulge in your own creativity.

I hope I was able to give you a few ideas for the New Year even if I can't shed ten pounds. I wish you continue success and may you achieve all your goals and aspirations.


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