Published - March 2002

By Dave Jakielo


Recently I was asked to share some ideas on marketing. So I asked the requestor the following, "What do you mean by Marketing." They replied, "You know, how do I get more clients?"

I contemplated the question for a while and then respond, "Sure I'll give you some ideas that will enable you to, GET MORE CLIENTS." However, you should keep in mind that Marketing includes much more than just efforts aimed at expanding your client base. It also involves the following:

  • Making you company more visible.
  • Making you company a place where people want to work.
  • Becoming a recognized "expert" in your field.

    Let's examine the four areas individually. Increasing your visibility is important because you need to be known. We don't have the time or resources to chase down every potential client, some need to come looking for us. Try some of the following to see if they work for you.

  • Get involved with you local medical society. Attend their meetings and network with the physicians you meet.
  • Keep in touch with potential prospects and past clients. Send them articles that will be of interest to them.
  • On a regular basis, ask current clients to introduce or refer you to someone they know who could utilize your services.
  • Get to know decision makers such as: Hospital Administrators, Accountants, Lawyers and any professional that works with your potential clients.

    A second important part of marketing is making your company a place where people want to work. Your company's reputation can be enhanced or destroyed by employees and believe it or not by vendors. It is amazing what others may be saying about your firm. Sometimes I can find out what type of company you have just by talking to a delivery person who frequents your establishment. It's imperative that your working environment is a pleasant one. Here are some ideas that will enable your company to become a place where people are proud to work:

  • Everyday catch your employees doing something right. 80 % of our communications to our employees has a negative tone. I recently read that the number one complaint employees had about their boss was that their boss never talks to them unless they have done something wrong.
  • Be generous in your use of the two simple words, "Thank you." It cost you nothing to say but goes a long, long way. Remember behavior that is rewarded gets repeated.
  • Don't always give everyone the answer to his or her question. When they ask you what to do, pause and ask them, "What do you think we should do?"
  • Always have a positive attitude because it is contagious. Keep in mind a negative attitude is contagious too. Plus negativity can be fatal.

    Lastly, you need to be perceived as an expert. Yes, I said perceived because perception is everything. The idea is to get your name out there and become a go to person. By go to I mean someone who can be counted on to either know the answer or know where to find the answer. Knowing where to find an answer is just a valuable as having the answer. The good news is there is a variety or inexpensive ways to achieve this goal.

  • Write an article for trade journals that your prospects read.
  • Get in the newspaper. Let your local Healthcare editors know that you are available to answer their questions.
  • Give a speech. Medical Societies or hospital groups are always looking for speakers. Remember when given the chance to speak to a group your there to tell them about a topic not to sell your services.
  • Read everything you can get your hands on. Journals, newspapers, on line newsletters. Read what your prospects are reading. If you don't have time to read just unplug your television set, cancel your cable use your satellite dish as a planter. The time you save from being in front of the boob tube will help expand your mind.

    Give some of the above a try and watch your client base grow.

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