Published - March 1998

By Dave Jakielo


WOW!!! What a great conference in Las Vegas. It was great to see so many friends again. Topics were great and the networking was fantastic. Thanks to Jackie Davis and the education committee. For those who couldn’t attend make sure you block out your calendar for September in New Orleans.

The conference was most enjoyable for me because I got to work with one of our industries grates. Bob Burleigh. I really enjoy presenting with Bob. His experience and slants on the industry are extremely insightful.

Both of us travel the country extensively working with companies like yours and it is great to have the opportunity to reflect on what we see happening out there in the "real world".
I don’t know about Bob but my briefcase has been X-rayed in airports so often it is developing cancer.

So if you were unable to attend our recent session don’t despair because there will be an expanded version at the 8th Owners & Investors conference, July 16-18, 1998 in Baltimore Maryland. Hope to see you there.

I’d like to share with you some of the ideas we related to everyone in Vegas. I know our schedules don’t always allow for us to attend all the conferences, however, everyone I spoke to relayed to me that the IBA conferences aren’t an expense they are an investment.

So here’s some of our recent tidbits:


  • Have you recently written and reviewed your business plan?
  • Have you defined your short term and long term company goals and have you shared them with your staff?
  • Do you consistently calculate client profitability? As payer mixes change and revenues decline, are you still making a fair profit?
  • Do you have a strategic plan to replace your antiquated hardware? Or is your back up plan to revert to ledger cards?
  • Is your coding staff certified? The Inspector General is interested in the answer to that question.
  • What your plan to implement a Compliance program?
  • Are you still performing task that should be outsourced?
  • Do you have any "Intrapreneurs" on your staff?
  • Do you prepare an annual budget for your company? How about for your clients?
  • Have you started a company library where employees can go to enhance their industry knowledge? It should include Part B News, Medicare Compliance Alerts. Not just Dilbert cartoons.
  • When the last time you ask your clients if they are really happy with your services?
  • If clients are becoming unprofitable are you warning them that a price increase may be imminent. Or are you just cutting back on services?
  • Are you watching your cost? Many times you could open an "Office Max" subsidiary just with the office supplies your employees may be hoarding in their desks.
  • Are you going to become certified in 1998. Do you have a plan in place to get certified? Your competitors do.
  • Have you examined your staffing lately? If your business has grown or shrunk are your staffing patterns correct?

Hopefully some of the above ideas will help you reassess your position. Many times we get so busy and caught up in the day to day "fire fighting" that we lose sight of our targets.

Remember, "Your either moving forward of backward. There’s no standing still."
I hope that 1998 is your best year yet and look forward to seeing your in Baltimore and New Orleans.

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